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Not just sales but project specialists. Here for your complex and simple projects. Don't know which tool you need or what attachments you'll need for the job? We're here to help as much as possible to ensure you get what you need the first time. 


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•    All Purpose Detergents 
•    Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaners
•    Degreasers
•    Environmentally Friendly Detergents
•    Floor Care Detergents
•    Institution & Food Preparation
•    Oil Field & Heavy Equipment
•    Parts Washer Detergents
•    Sanitizers and Disinfectants
•    Specialty Cleaners
•    Transportation Specialty Cleaners 
•    Vehicle Wash Detergents 

Hotsy Detergents

"Use Less and Save More"
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Salt Lick Detergent:

Winter Road Salt and Grime Remover

Salt Lick is formulated to remove salt, calcium chloride and de-icing solution used on winter roads by breaking down the crystalline structure of ice melt products and prevents them from re-crystalizing so they can be washed away. Salt Lick is a dual-purpose concentrated detergent attacking heavy soils and road film. ​​

Showroom Floor

Sales - Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

All the site tools needed including:

  • Safety Glasses & Eye Protection

  • Ear Plugs & Hearing Protection

  • Gloves & Hand Protection

  • Chainsaw Chaps

  • Helmets & Face Protection

Sales - Safety Supplies Protective Equipment

Safety Supplies & Personal Protective Equipment 

  • Safety Glasses & Eye Protection

  • Ear Plugs & Hearing Protection

  • Chainsaw Chaps

  • Helmets & Face Protection

Sales - Small Engine Parts

Small Engine Parts

Large Inventory of Small Engine Parts

  • Air & Fuel Filters

  • Drive & Tension Belts

  • Carburetors & Carburetor Kits

  • Gaskets & Seals

  • Intake & Exhausts Parts

  • Chains & Sprockets

  • Starters & Cables

  • Others too extensive to list

Propane Refills and Sales


No Propane Accessories

  • Tank Filling

  • 20-pound Tank Exchange – empty for full

  • New 20-pound Tank

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