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Every Job is different, each tool has so many parts. When you're not sure give us a call or better yet come on down and have a face-to-face conversation.

Ethanol Fuel vs Non-Ethanol Gasoline

Project Solutions

Ethanol blends can corrode your carburetor, fuel tank, and other fuel system components and damage engine seals and O-rings

Engine with Ethanol Damage

Local Gas Stations with Non-Ethanol Gas

  • Maverik On D Road

  • Shell on 1st and Grand

  • Sinclair near Lows

  • Phillips 66 on Horizon Drive

  • Fruita Auto Service Center

Proper Removal of Chain Saw Cover


Gas Chainsaw Troubleshooting Chain Brake
Husqvarna Chain Saw Cover

Proper Removal of Chain Saw Cover

  1. ​Disengage the chain brake

  2. Then remove nuts and cover

Warning: This must be done in this order or damage to the brake and/or clutch may occur!

NOTE: Always consult your operations manual before maintenance. If in doubt give us a call.


Hotsy Pressure Wash Systems

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